Our Coverage Areas Are Expanding!

Our Coverage Areas Are Expanding!

Icenet Telekom Hizmetleri A.Ş is expanding its quality service with new coverage areas. Şanlıurfa - Birecik Çiftlik Village residents now enjoy high speed internet with Icenet Telekom Wifi Air-Fiber super fast internet service and quota-free, non-committal internet packages. As Icenet Telekom, we are proud to say that we will continue to work for our customers.

Internet technology has improved a lot in recent years. People now see internet connectivity as an integral part of their lives. While the place and importance of the internet in our lives is increasing day by day, the need for a fast and secure internet connection comes with it. For this reason, companies that offer internet service work to provide the highest quality and secure service to their customers.

Icenet Telekom constantly innovates to provide its customers with the best internet service. Now, the residents of Birecik Çiftlik Village will also be able to benefit from Icenet Telekom's super-fast internet service. With Wifi Air-Fiber technology, we offer our customers a faster and safer internet service. This technology combines wireless communication technology and fiber optic technology to increase the speed of our customers' internet connection.

Icenet Telekom responds to the needs of its customers in the best way by offering the most suitable internet packages to its customers. Our customers can enjoy the internet to the fullest with quota-free and commitment-free internet packages. Internet packages offer different speed options according to the needs of our customers. Our customers can choose the most suitable internet package according to their internet usage habits.

Icenet Telekom is a company focused on customer satisfaction. We are constantly working to understand our customers' needs and meet their expectations. While the competition among companies providing internet services is increasing day by day, it is very important to ensure customer satisfaction. Icenet Telekom is constantly improving itself to provide the best service to its customers.

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