Çanakkale - Ahmetce Village Satellite Internet Installation is complete!

Çanakkale - Ahmetce Village Satellite Internet Installation is complete!

ICENET TELEKOM is always with you with its high-speed satellite internet service in villages where there is no infrastructure!

For many years, the internet could only be used in big cities and developed regions, but in recent years, with the rapid development of technology and the spread of satellite internet services, it has become possible to use high-speed internet even in towns and villages that no longer have infrastructure. This development provides a great convenience for the village residents, who increase the need for internet access, especially with the increasing importance of technology in our lives day by day.

Satellite internet service is a technology that facilitates the lives of people living in places without internet access. This service provides wide coverage and provides internet access regardless of the geographical features of the region. Satellite internet services provide internet access via satellite, thus enabling internet services to be used in regions without infrastructure.

At this point, we made the satellite internet service available to our customer, who is a resident of Çanakkale Ahmetçe Village, by quickly installing it. Satellite internet service provides an excellent solution for people living in areas without internet access. This service makes life easier for users by providing high-speed and uninterrupted internet access even in places where there is no internet infrastructure.

Do not stay without internet! Meet our uninterrupted, high-speed satellite internet packages before it's too late.

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