Scada Services

Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) can be translated into Turkish as a Remote Control and Surveillance System. It is the general name of a system that can be controlled and controlled from computers, communication equipment, sensors or other devices. SCADA systems provide system operators with a wide range of geographical areas from a central control point to areas such as oil and gas fields, wind turbines, pipelines, water networks, thermal and hydropower generation systems and transmission and distribution facilities, disconnectors, disconnectors, , electronic, electrohydraulic and electropneumatic valves offer the ability to reliably, safely and economically perform the functions of opening and closing the switches remotely, switching set points, displaying alarms, measuring temperature, humidity, frequency, weight, number and status of elements. ICENET Telekom provides your SCADA remote connection, which is used in HEPP and wind power plants in difficult and dispersed geographies, as a MPLS VPN over satellite, fast and reliable.