MPLS Services

Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) is a technology in which switching on the 2nd layer and routing on the 3rd layer are integrated in the framework of certain rules. VPN, Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the service that provides you to connect over another IP address internete. VPN secures your connection and encrypts your connection while connecting to any network, and ensures that you do not have an ID. Enterprise and government networks in our country and around the world securely communicate networks using national and global operators' MPLS VPN technology over their networks. Private networking of companies using the VSAT technique is much simpler, faster, and more cost effective than many terrestrial infrastructures. Icenet Telecom provides the MPLS VPN service to the companies through the satellites which have coverage in our country. While the remote connections are being aggregated at the satellite centers via the VSAT infrastructure, centralized connections are made via metro ethernet fiber or G.SHDSL over the operators we are integrated with and all of the turnkey services are offered. System availability and reliability are much higher than terrestrial infrastructures and are extremely well suited for the main connections or redundancy of remote locations in difficult and dispersed geographies.